3-D Impressions with the CS 3500 Scanner

We take the “goop” out of traditional impressions! Offering the latest in advanced technology we utilize a digital impression system where we take a series of images of your teeth with a special camera which then get converted into a 3-D model. This is especially helpful if you have a severe gag reflex.

We can easily capture true color, high-resolution 3D images with our digital scanner and use special software to create high-quality and true-to-life digital impressions. Image acquisition is facilitated by the use of an innovative light guidance system to make the process easier and more accurate than ever before.

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3-D CAD Technology for Custom Designed Clear Aligner Treatment Plan

Clear aligners offer a more esthetic option to straightening your teeth. They eliminate the need for wires and braces using a series of clear invisible aligner trays to move your teeth. Please note that not all cases are appropriate for clear aligners therapy but Dr. Bilous will gladly advise you as to whether or not you qualify for this option.

Digital X-Rays with Sirona Orthophos XG

Digital x-rays reduce the amount of radiation needed as compared to film x-rays. The improved diagnostic capability of digital x-rays and the ability to view the x-rays on a computer screen allow the patient to better understand and follow treatment.  Digital x-rays also increase efficiency, as there is no longer a need to develop the film.  Digital x-rays save time and increase patient care.  It’s also a very green technology.  By eliminating the film, developer and chemical waste, it is better for you and the environment!