Braces Care During Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontic Aftercare

Orthodontics should not cause any major changes in your day to day activities. You can still do most of the things you are used to doing. You can still sing, play musical instruments and take part in sports. If you participate in sports we recommend you wear a mouth guard. We will provide you with our “Pink Page” which is a guide to help you remember what foods are good for you, but not for your braces. When choosing your meals or snacks it is important to choose softer foods and avoid foods that are too hard, chewy, crunchy, or sticky.  We recommend avoiding pizza crust, thick or toasted bagels, and thick sandwiches. If you just can’t resist, it is best to cut them into small bite size pieces. Any tearing or hard biting is likely to dislodge a brace. Chopping up apples, carrots and other raw vegetables is also recommended. With proper care and maintenance, you can promote your oral health while on your way to a more beautiful smile.

A good rule to follow is:  if you think it’s too hard or chewy, it probably is!

After an adjustment, you may experience a little more sensitivity. Therefore, we recommend eating a softer meal. A good choice would be pasta, soup, yogurt or something similar.  Please do not chew on pens, pencils or ice. Gum is also prohibited. Please take care to follow the hygiene instructions that were reviewed with you at the bonding visit by our assistants.

Please print out “The Pink Page” and place it where you will see it every day.

Click for a printable version of the “The Pink Page”