Retention is the final the MOST important part of your orthodontic treatment.  After your brace removal your teeth can shift back into their original position because they have memory.  Wearing your retainer will help prevent this from happening.  If you should lose or break your retainer or if it stops fitting properly, please call the office right away so that we can adjust it or make you a new one.

Wearing Instructions

  • On the day you have your braces removed we ask that you wear your retainer full time for about one year. You may remove it while eating, swimming or playing sports.
  • Dr. Bilous believes that retainer wear is a lifelong commitment because teeth will want to shift as you get older. When you turn 24 you may begin to wear your retainer every other night indefinitely. The longer you wear the retainer, the less likely you will have relapse.
  • Brush your retainer with a toothbrush, toothpaste and cool water to keep it clean.
  • Keep it in the case when it is not in your mouth.
  • Our motto is: “When it’s not in your face, it’s in the case!”
  • Keep your retainer away from pets, especially dogs. They love the smell of your saliva and think that they are chew toys.
  • Do NOT wrap your retainer in a tissue or napkin because it will get thrown away.
  • If it needs to be refreshed, you may brush it with mouthwash.
  • Do NOT boil or use hot water to clean your retainer it will distort the fit of your retainer. Use cool water only.

Bonded Lower Retainer

This is a small wire that is glued onto the backside of your lower six front teeth to prevent them from moving after your braces have been removed. We recommend keeping it in till at least age 24.