Bite Plate Information


This appliance is used for a few different reasons. Typically it is used if you have a deep bite, which means that your upper teeth over close your lower teeth when biting down. We sometimes use these along with your braces so that we can prevent you from biting down on your lower braces. Bite Plates are also used if you grind or clench your teeth.

What to Expect

  • At first, you will have extra saliva in your mouth. Your brain thinks your bite plate is food and wants to digest it. Once your brain gets used to it, it will stop creating extra saliva.
  • You may also find it difficult to pronounce some words in the beginning. We recommend reading aloud for a few days and practicing with the bite plate in. This will get better the more you speak.


  • Don’t place your bite plate in boiling water. It will distort and melt it.
  • Brush your bite plate with toothpaste and cool water 2 times a day. You may soak it in denture cleaner or the cleaning tablets provided for you in your kit.
  • Please avoid eating anything sticky, chewy, candy or gum. These can loosen the appliance.