Typically there are few true orthodontic emergencies. More often than not, they can be handled at home or can wait till the next day when we are back in the office.  However, if you are experiencing pain please don’t hesitate to call so that we can help advise you on what to do.  We may have you come in the next day to make you comfortable and will determine if you need to reschedule to do a full repair. Also, if you know you have something broken prior to your regularly scheduled appointment, we would appreciate a call in advance so that we may schedule additional time for a repair. Please bring all broken braces or any appliances that have come out of your mouth with you in a plastic baggie to your appointment.  Our emergency on call number can be found below for each office.


You may be able to solve many problems with your braces by yourself until you schedule a repair appointment with our office. These problems do not always cause a delay in your treatment; however, you should notify the office as soon as possible so that the proper time can be allotted for your next visit to keep treatment progressing efficiently.


    • Loose Band – Leave it in place over the tooth. Place wax over the area. Call office.
    • Loose Bracket – Try to slide it back to its proper position. Place wax over area. Call to let us know.Typically when a brace comes loose from your tooth it stays attached to the wire with the o-tie. This is not a true emergency because it is not usually accompanied by any discomfort. In any event, you may leave it alone and call our office to schedule a repair visit if necessary. Often times you may not even know it is loose until we discover it at your next appointment.  Many times we can just fix this at your next regularly scheduled visit if you have one coming up.
    • Loose Wire – Use tweezers to replace the wire or clip the wire with fingernail clippers that have been sterilized in alcohol behind the last tooth to which it is securely fastened. Please be sure to hold the loose piece of wire securely before clipping it so it does not get lost in the mouth. Place wax over any sharp area.
    • Poking Wire — Try to push wire back in place with a pencil eraser. Use wax. Also, try moving the wire away from the irritated area with a cotton swab.  If this doesn’t work, try covering the end of it with a place a small piece of dental wax. We provide you with wax in your new patient kit when you begin your treatment. If the wire if very painful, you may also try to cut it with nail clippers that have been sterilized in alcohol. Again, if the irritation persists or becomes more painful, please call us to schedule an appointment.
  • Loose Appliance – If any part of your appliance should fall out, please keep all pieces safe and bring them to your next visit.  You should also call our office at your earliest convenience so we may give you advice and schedule a repair visit for you.
  • Lost Color Tie – Usually not a problem if on one tooth. This can wait till next visit.
  • Sore, Achy Teeth – Sore teeth resulting from orthodontic adjustments are normal and to be expected. However, if needed, you may take an over the counter pain reliever Take Acetaminophen or Ibuprofen as is indicated for the pain. We recommend sticking with whatever you would normally take for aches and pains or fever and headaches. If the soreness seems unusual or worsens, please call us..   Be sure to follow the dosage recommended on the bottle.  Of course, staying with softer, easy to chew food is also a good idea during these times when you are experiencing discomfort.  Using common sense and cutting your food up into smaller pieces or taking smaller bites is also recommended.
  • Lost Separator – The spacers are the little blue rubber circles that we floss between your back teeth before we can begin certain treatments.  If one spacer is lost, it is usually no big deal and does not need to be replaced.  If more than one spacer falls out, please give our office a call.  That way we can let you know if we will need to see you to replace them.  If the spacers are lost right before your next appointment (within 48hours), it is usually not necessary to put them back in.  This simply means that there is plenty of space ready for us to utilize at your next visit.
  • Cheek Soreness – Use warm salt water rinses or rinse with 50% water and 50% Hydrogen Peroxide (2% brown bottle).
  • Retainer not fitting – In 90% of cases this happens when the patient has not worn the retainer as instructed or if there has been damage or distortion of the retainer. The retainer should be worn full time. If there is a loose baby tooth causing discomfort call the office for an adjustment as soon as possible.
  • Lost/Broken Retainer – A lost or broken retainer is not an overnight emergency, but it is still a big deal.  Retainers are usually used after treatment to make sure that all of the hard work, time, and money you invested into your smile and bite correction stay as perfect as possible.  Retainers are usually meant to be worn on a regular schedule and consistency is critical.  So it is important for us to know as soon as possible if your retainer has been lost or broken.  That way we may schedule the necessary appointment to repair or replace it quickly.

Fairfield Office 203-255-2677 

Orange Office 203-799-0600 

The “On Call” Emergency Service

We have a 24 hour answering service available if you need assistance after normal business hours.  This can be accessed by dialing our normal office phone lines where you will be given the emergency cell number.  The person on call will take a message and they will contact the “on call” assistant or doctor if it is a true emergency.

The Fairfield office “On-Call” Emergency Cell Phone : (203) 232-8676

The Orange office “On-Call” Emergency Cell Phone: (203) 545-7026